Themelia Pro A powerful new development platform built on ASP.NET.
Themelia Pro makes .NET web developers more productive through simplified conventions and many seamlessly intuitive features.
Some Core Web Development Features
  • Web Domains
    Work with an innovative model for splitting your web site into more manageable, reusable segments.
  • Endpoints
    Your entire web site is driven via "endpoints" so you have full control on how people access your creation.
  • Processors
    Easily add custom processing at key points in the ASP.NET pipeline.
  • Sequences
    Create "super pages" with various views as well as multiple version to both streamline development and test designs.
  • Simple XML Configuration
    Setup and configure your URL structure without writing a single line of code.
  • Much more...
    Themelia Pro is as wide as is it deep. Other features include declarative redirects, login security, automatic error handling, "catch all" request handing, and many more.
Featured Themelia Pro Web Site
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