Themelia Pro A powerful new development platform built on ASP.NET.
Using Application Processors

Application processors of processor allows you to run logic when the web applications starts or shuts down and also when a new visit comes to the web site or when a person�s session times out. This will allow you to register initialization information or do init processing for both the entire web application as well as each user�s session. This will also allow you to register cleanup work on shutdown of the same.


To create an application processor you must first link the global.asax file in your web site root to Themelia.Web.Application or to a class which inherits from this class. Second, you must create a class which either inherits from Themelia.Web.GlobalApplicationProcessor or Themelia.Web.SessionApplicationProcessor.

Application processors require you to override the OnStartup method and allow you to override the OnShutdown method. Below are the method signatures:

void OnStartup( ); 
void OnShutdown( );


To install an application processor, register the processor in the following location in your Themelia configuration (i.e. in web.config):

    <add defaultPage="/Sequence_/Home.aspx">
        <add type="Sample.Web.GlobalApplicationProcessor, Sample.Web" />
        <add type="Sample.Web.SessionApplicationProcessor, Sample.Web" />