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Using the LocalizedText Control

When placing text on an ASP.NET web page, you may either manually localize your text or use Themelia Pro's LocalizedText control. The latter works with Themelia Pro's localization to completely automate your localization.

The manual way is as follows: first, create a text based control such as the following:

<asp:Literal ID="litHeader" runat="server"></asp:Literal>

Then, in your code-file, manually asssign the value:

litHeader.Text = CorporateResource.GetString("Home_Header_Text");

While this method is very effective, it's not optimal. Thus, Themelia Pro allows you to use the LocalizedText control. To do the same as the above example usign the LocalizedText control, just place an instance of this control on the page and set the Key method to the name of the resource key. Here is an example:

<t:LocalizedText Key="Home_Header_Text" runat="server" />

No ID and no code-file is required. If resources are available, the text will automatically be localized based for the specific culture.