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Using Secure G

One of the most effective things any company can do is convert their entire mail system to G-Mail. By doing this all backups and network redundancy is automatically taken care of. Given the fact that all G-Mail is secure, companies have a great alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Themelia Pro allows you to send mail through secure G-Mail servers. When doing this, the e-mail server need not be configured as G-Mail's secure SMTP server will automatically be used. You need only set the Themelia Pro system configuration username and password to your G-mail account.

To send via a G-Mail server, use the following code:

Themelia.Mail.NotificationFacade.SendViaSecureGmail(from, to, subject, body);

You may also use the most complex Send method override to send via G-Mail servers. Simply set the last parameter of this overload to true. Here is that method signature:

public static void Send(String from, String to, String subject, String body, DateTime datetime, String cc, String bcc, Boolean isHtml, List<String> attachmentPaths, Boolean sendViaSecureGmail);

In addition to this method, you may also simply set the "AlwaysUseSecureGmail" mail configuration parameter to true. This will tell all calls the Send overloads to use secure G-Mail.

Conversation Breaking

One benefit of G-Mail is that mail boxes are not needlessly polluted with messages that are actually part of the same conversation. Instead, G-Mail keeps e-mails in the same thread together. While this is an incredibly productive feature for users, it can be a hinderance to error alerts sent via e-mail.

Because of this, Themelia Pro allows you to set an e-mail configuration option called "UseGmailConverationBreaker". By setting this to true, e-mail subject lines are suffixed with a GUID so that each message shows up separately in G-Mail. Below is a configuration example:

    <appInfo name="E-Finance" />
    <emailSetup server=""
            <add name="UseGmailConverationBreaker" value="true"></add>