Themelia Pro A powerful new development platform built on ASP.NET.
Setting up Themelia Pro

Themelia Pro is installed into a web site just like any other .NET product would be: place the assemblies in the assembly search path and setup configuration.

To setup configuration, place the following section into the very top of your web.config file:

    <section name="themelia.system" type="Themelia.Configuration.SystemSection, Themelia.System" />
    <section name="themelia.web" type="Themelia.Web.Configuration.WebSection, Themelia.Web" />

Your actual configuration then goes in the section. However, since keeping external configuration in your web.config, it's recommended that you use the following configuration in your web.config, keeping the actual configuration in the /Config_/Themelia.Web.config file. In future versions, external configuration will be an absolute requirement.

Enabling for Web Use

To enable Themelia Pro, you must install it as an HTTP module in your web.config file.

For IIS6 and IIS7 is class mode, use the following configuration:

    <add name="ThemeliaPro" type="Themelia.Web.Processing.CoreModule, Themelia.Web" />

For IIS7 integrated mode, use the following:

    <add name="ThemeliaPro" type="Themelia.Web.Processing.CoreModule, Themelia.Web" preCondition="integrated" />