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Using Sequence Aliases

If you haven't read Creating Sequences, please do so now.

Registering a sequence endpoint is similar to the registration of other types in that they obey the use the select, text, type, and parameter parameter attributes of an endpoint. The endpoint type used to register a sequence alias is "SequenceAlias".

As with other endpoint types, the parameter attribute has special meaning to its type. In the case of sequences, the parameter is the name of the sequence, not a path. Here's an example:

    <add defaultPage="/Page_/Security/Home.aspx">
        <add selector="contains" text="/process/complex/" type="SequenceAlias" parameter="{Process}" />
        <add selector="contains" text="/process/single/" type="SequenceAlias" parameter="{Process}" />

Themelia Pro will automatically look for the Process sequence in the /Sequence_/ folder (i.e. /Sequence/Process.aspx).

If you want to change where Themelia Pro looks for the sequences, set the rootPath attribute on the sequence configuration collection. For example:

  <sequences rootPath="/Page_/Sequence_/">
    <!-- sequences here-->