Themelia Pro A powerful new development platform built on ASP.NET.
Setting up System Configuration

In addition to the web functionality, Themelia Pro also includes a non-web portion called "system" for use in WCF, WPF, console-based, and other types other applications. The system portion of Themelia Pro is in the Themelia assembly (e.g. Themelia.dll).

Much like the web portion, the system portion has its own configuration. As with all .NET configuration, you must register the configuration. To do this, use the following config section registration:

  <section name="themelia.system" type="Themelia.Configuration.SystemSection, Themelia" />

Your actual configuration then goes in the section. However, since keeping external configuration in your app.config or web.config, it's recommended that you use the following configuration in your app.config or web.config, keeping the actual configuration in the /Config_/Themelia.System.config file.

For most system configuration, an application name is required. Therefore, it's highly recommended that you be sure to setup your appInfo section very early in your application development. Below shows an example of setting up an application name in your appInfo section:

  <appInfo name="E-Finance" />